What should I do if Sildenafil did not help me the first time I have taken it?
Usually, Sildenafil works from the first time you have taken it. In case it did not work for you then it will be best for you to try Sildenafil one more time. Usually, men take Sildenafil for at least 8 times, before they consider themselves to be cured for good. Please remember that your doctor will help you to ascertain what amount of Sildenafil will be better for you. Please make sure that you are not overtaking Sildenafil, and therefore you will not take any kind of overdose at all and there is a great chance that your ED will be totally cured in no time at all. Please make sure that you do not eat very fatty, oily food and fried foods with Sildenafil. Do not eat a lot, because your body will try to digest your food and your erection will not happen as quickly as you want it to happen.

Can I take Sildenafil right now if I have eaten a huge meal and I am going to continue eating?
You can take Sildenafil, but there is a great chance that your erection will not occur and you will not be able to sustain it for a necessary amount of time that will be enough for having sex with your wife or a life-partner.
When you are eating a lot then it is better for you to wait before your meal will digest totally. Do not think that Sildenafil is not helping if you are not getting any kind of sexual stimulation at all.
Try to ask your wife to stimulate you sexually, and then an erection will more ready to occur.

I had diabetes, therefore, I think that ED is a side-effect, can you help me to get a proper cure for erectile dysfunction?
Actually, when you have diabetes it is not advisable for you to take Sildenafil and therefore the best advice is to try having a healthy lifestyle. Going on a diet will enable you to feel healthier.
Try to exercise and therefore when you will eat less chocolate your blood sugar level will be lower and you totally will not have to worry about getting any kind of ED related issues in the future.

I had a very severe form of depression and I lost my interest in sex entirely. Can you help me to get my libido and sex drive back,  and can my performance in bedroom improve when I take Sildenafil?
Well, when you are totally cured of depression you may intake Sildenafil and you will be able to observe how easy it is to have sex right away. As soon you have decided to intake Sildenafil and therefore you buy a certain kind of dosage, then you will see that your erection is enough for sex and your sex life will improve dramatically.
It will be better for you to stay away from alcohol and other similar liquids as these can interact badly with the drug. If you do this and take Sildenafil as directed, then you will see that erection issues are not bothering you anymore at all.

I want to be sure that my sex performance is going to be truly remarkable, so can I mix Sildenafil and Viagra at the same time?
Only your doctor can tell you for sure, but we want you to know that your erection is going to be perfectly acceptable with only the use of Sildenafil 50 mg or 100 mg. By taking Sildenafil you increase your blood flow to your penis and that is why you get the result you want. There is a chance that when you have a totally safe and healthy lifestyle then you will cure your impotency and therefore your erectile dysfunction. How awful is to have impotency especially when you can not talk to anyone about your impotency problems? Try to start with your doctor. He is not going to shame you, he will support you right away.