Quickly and cheaply buy generic Viagra without a doctor prescription online

Sildenafil is a name that is on the lips of a lot of elderly folks who live and enjoy an active and erotic lifestyle. The term is often whispered in the grey-haired circle as a thrifty way to spice up their love life for hours of uninhibited entertaining.

What is Generic Sildenafil Citrate?

Undoubtedly, the brand name Viagra by the pharmaceutical powerhouse Pfizer packs an astronomical price-tag. However, there is a cheap generic Viagra that is taking the globe by storm. Generic sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient found in the erectile dysfunction (ED) drug. The most unbelievable points about the drug is that it has a modest price-tag, it works, and it’s available without a complicated script.

The Differences Between Generic Sildenafil Vs Viagra

In 2017, generic Viagra was approved. Historically, in lower dosages sildenafil treats pulmonary arterial hypertension but a higher milligram dose rectifies impotence issues. Really, there are extraordinarily slight differences between generic sildenafil vs Viagra.

  • Generic sildenafil citrate is produced by numerous outlets which push the price downward (flooding the market in a product result in lower overall price drips so you save coin)
  • Generic versions require no prescription so you can easily buy generic Viagra online.
  • More choices in the many makers of sildenafil

A Breeze to Buy Generic Viagra Without a Doctor Prescription

Sildenafil can be bought over-the-counter at a local pharmacy by simply having a consultation with the pharmacist in charge. Online drugstores are also a premium shopping hub for the medication.

Why Order Generic ED Medication from a Website?

With a net apothecary outlet, you are often required to fill out a relatively simple and straightforward electronic questionnaire prior to checking out. Many men like the anonymity of the online platform versus standing in line at a dispensary where their private discourse with the health professional manning the front counter can be overheard by gossip mongers. Undoubtedly, the discussion of a sexual stimulant and the inability to attain an erection are delicate topics that many gentlemen avoid discussing face-to-face. In addition, obtaining the drug without a prescription from a virtual online website means no expensive visit to a general practitioner.

Innumerable insurance providers do not cover the expense of impotence pills or the required examination needed to obtain a prescription.

Where to Buy Sildenafil? You can Buy Generic Viagra Online!

Yes, the best and easiest place to obtain sildenafil is online. When exploring your options on where to buy, you can also check with your local dispensaries if you do not mind talking about private topics in a public forum then you can buy cheap generic Viagra with no problems.

Identification Signs: What Does it Look Like?

Seniors who live an active and fulfilling sex life are all too familiar with the magical treatment for infecundity coined ‘the little blue pill.’ However, with sildenafil the mysterious question often arises, “What does it look like?” In most cases, there is no baby-blue hue but just a snow-white shade. Most of the tablets appear as round whitish discs that look like a classic aspirin. However, a handful of fabricators do feature blue knockoffs in the shape of caplets or circular doses.

The History of the Sexual Dysfunction Monopoly

In the early days of ED medications, Pfizer and Teva were the big cats on the block who monopolized the industry. The bigwig pharmaceutical conglomerates called the shots when it came to prices and doses. In many ways, they were like the ‘mafia’ of the bustling and aging sex scene. Unquestionably, with so many baby-boomers hitting retirement, the horizon was looking pretty rich for them to make a financial killing. However, all good things end. The mega-giants lost their rights to the patent and other companies jumped on the opportunity bandwagon to gather their fair share of the bucks. Aurobindo and Cambia leapt to the forefront followed by Greenstone, Mylan, and Watson in the USA. In Canada, Novo-Sildenafil was launched. In India, Penegra, Zenegra, and Silagra are trade names that dominate the marketplace.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy the Generic Version of the Little Blue Pill?

The big question presented by most would-be users is, how much it cost to purchase? The answer to this inquiry is frequently startling. One generic pill cost $0.70 per pill but Viagra averages $50 per pill. The astronomical increase in dollars between name brand and non-name brand is shocking. However, buying off-market copies makes the pills affordable for any budget.

Other Uses for Sildenafil Citrate

Nowadays, many folks have forgotten that the sildenafil is used for other purposes besides obtaining and keeping a prolonged erection to enhance prowess. In fact, the medicine has been a key treatment for pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure), ischemia and ulcers experienced by Raynaud’s phenomenon, and high-altitude pulmonary edema.

Not Just for the Golden Generation

Sildenafil has escalated in attractiveness with the younger crowd for recreational enjoyment. They believe that it increases libido and enhances performance. Also, some males note an increase in penis size. The stimulant lets the youthful user ‘go all night’ if they so desire. Buying generic Viagra without a doctor prescription has never been easier.