The harmful effect of Protein Supplements on Potency: Myth or Reality?

A healthy lifestyle in modern times is gradually replacing the popularity of bad habits, such as smoking and excessive alcoholic consumption. As for men, they begin to do sports actively in order to increase muscle mass and look more attractive. Lots of men use protein supplements for the building-up physique. It mainly consists of protein, which has a beneficial effect on muscle growth. At the same time, most sportsmen complain about erectile dysfunction (ED) and say that only special medications like Cialis help them to recover the functioning of the genitals. All that gives some people the reason to connect sexual problems with protein intake.

Protein – What is it and its Health Effect?

In layman’s term, protein is a supplement, which consists of protide and some amino acids. As far as amino acids are found in large quantities in everyday food products such as milk or eggs, their health effect can’t be connected with the loss of sexual drive.

If protein supplement is made from natural ingredients, so it has only a positive effect on the whole body:

  • Helps to stay in shape;
  • Develops power capabilities and hardiness;
  • Increases muscle mass;
  • Reduce fat depot.

However, and most bodybuilders know it, such protein supplements are rather expensive and are sold only in specialty stores. If sportsmen wishing to save buy cheap protein supplements, they can get a product consisting female sexual hormones, which are harmful to male potency.

When do Protein Supplements Ruin Male Potency

However, high-quality protein supplements may affect potency indirectly.

There are a number of contributing factors that can lead to ED during the period of protein supplements intake:

  • The harmful effect of Protein Supplements on Potency: Myth or Reality?The effect of self-deceptiveness. If most people around are talking about harmful impact of protein supplements on male potency, some time later a man believe that it is true.
  • Excessive physical activities. Post-workout exhaustion causes natural erectile disorders, but it often misread as a result of taking protein. In fact, when a good rest provided, erection recovers naturally.
  • Unhealthy diet. Some athletes believe that the consumption of protein supplements provides the body with necessary vitamins and other useful substances in full and stop eating a healthy food.
  • Other irritatory agents. Regular stress situations and emotional disorders have a negative impact on male potency regardless the protein intake.

Thus, it’s possible to make a conclusion that regular and intensive workout has a negative impact on male health. In this case, doctors recommend treating ED with Cialis or other PDE5 inhibitors. According to clinical findings, besides the positive effect on potency Cialis pills enhance the sportsmen hardiness and restoration after weight training.

Contraindications to Taking Protein Supplements.

As it was already said high-quality protein supplements and Cialis alike promote to sportsmen health and sports achievements.

Unfortunately, there are some contraindications of Protein supplements intake:

  • Idiosyncrasy or increased sensation to amino acids or protide;
  • Diseases of the renal system;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by a decreased acidity of gastric juice.

Some men may experience dysbiosis during the protein intake. In order to prevent the development of this pathology, it is required to use special enzymes. They help the protein to digest and digest in the body.